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Choose Brisbane

As Australia’s New World City, Brisbane has rapidly emerged as an influential leader in the Asia Pacific and a highly desirable place to do business. The city’s growing global recognition was accelerated by its highly successful staging of the 2014 G20 World Leaders Summit. Capitalising on its enhanced international reputation, Brisbane is shaping itself as a vibrant hub and world leader attracting industry sectors that are globally scalable in the new world economy. Discover why so many forward-thinking companies Choose Brisbane for investment opportunities, conventions and business events, higher education, research, start-ups and technological innovation.

With Brisbane Marketing's helpful and knowledgeable Business Events team on hand to help, choose Brisbane as the host city of your next conference, convention, meeting or business event.

With a global outlook, exceptional industry strengths and a new world city edge, Brisbane is at the core of business investment opportunities in south-east Queensland.

Study in Brisbane, Australia’s New World City. Brisbane is Queensland’s capital and boasts over 75,000 international student enrolments.

Digital Brisbane is paving the way for Brisbane to be a more connected and accessible city and a competitive player in the global digital economy.

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